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Dreamy Bedrooms

Find me on IG: @carleybe   I am loving a little whimsy if you haven't noticed in my instagram photo edits recently. That being said, I am also loving a little whimsical home decor. Golden hour is what of my favorite times to take photos of any kind. The lighting just makes everything beautiful. I also Love a minimal space with some fun lighting. I also wanna get a few colored lights or signs. Will let you know what I find if you're interested :).  Below are some photos and items I am loving. Everything is linked below from Wayfair, Target,Urban, or Nordstrom. The glow affect is very Ari and I'm loving it. Will probably have a purple one of somesort in my new place when I move :). Purple Neon Back Lit Mirror Mirror Lights  Seating White Desk  Plants are my new favorite way to accessorize. They are good for your health and I love how they look in a home. Succulents are a personal favorite and I have a huge one blooming now. It's s

Modern Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

Find me on instagram  @carleybe   So I know I keep saying I love the bohemian vib, and I do.... However, I also have been loving he modern conemporary/ bohemian feels. sooooo I'm actually thinking this might be more my taste. We shall see when i move and decorate. Full of ideas right now and pinterest is keeping me more than busy looking at ideas. Below are some designs and pieces I have been eying.  I dont love a complete modern feel. I want my space to feel lived in and loved. But I do love modern art like the pieces seen here which is why i love this design aesthetic. It's a really nice mix of boho and modern that I think is just my style. What are you drawn to in design? Textures, colors, or clean lines?  Wayfair- Wall Art Wayfair- Coffee Table Wayfair- Woven Rug Wayfair- Glass Floor Vase The light brown and pinks go amazing with white creating a light and airy feel, but also cozy and lived in. I love a little sense of modern, but we

Summer Home Decorating Redesign

Find me on instagram  @carleybe   The Summer is here and so are all the fun decorating ideas. I love a warm bohemian feel... clearly lol.   Loving indoor Plants both real and fake. I bought a huge succulent at walmart and it is beautiful. I am currently hiding our covid in San Diego. Waiting to see whats happening with the world before i move again. Let me know what you loved in the comments :). Some fun pieces linked below :).  Fig Tree Throw Blanket Wall Prints Side Table Table Decor Obsessed with the floral artwork. I love the white bathroom tiles as well. I love that classic old french feel.  Wayfair- Floral Wall Decor Wayfair- Vase  Wayfair- Bathroom Storage  String Lights make a space playful and fun. Here is a cute faux throw with some bohemian wall decor like the string moon phases. Cozy clean and a little bit modern. Love  Wayfair- String Lights Wayfair- Indoor Plants Wayfair- Faux Fur Throw  Wayfair- Flo

Modern Bohemian Bedroom Ideas Aesthetic Bedrooms

Find me on instagram  @carleybe   These Bedrooms give me all the aesthetic feels. I love the vines with the modern retro dresser. I will always be a fan of wicker decor ideas and have included some fun pieces below :).  White Dresser Wicker Bedroom Chair Gold Light  Gold Mirror   Boho Rug Wayfair- Rattan Wall Mirror Wayfair- Throw Blanket Wayfair- Rattan Rug

Aesthetic Neutrals Home Decorating

Find me on instagram  @carleybe   I am loving all of the summer feels and aesthetics right now. I am back in california and this aesthetic is giving me life. Will definately be incorporating it into my new space. Currently looking for a new place and not sure where I want to move. La, San Diego. I'm not sure yet. Waiting for Covid to calm down before I figure that out. Below are some great spaces and items all linked : ) Wayfair- Black Light Wayfair- Matte Vase Set Wayfair- Wicker Basket Wayfair- Flat Wicker basket Artwork Bathtub Caddy Wicker Basket Aesthetic Wall Artwork  Throw Blanket Throw Pillows