Dreamy Bedrooms

Find me on IG: @carleybe   I am loving a little whimsy if you haven't noticed in my instagram photo edits recently. That being said, I am also loving a little whimsical home decor. Golden hour is what of my favorite times to take photos of any kind. The lighting just makes everything beautiful. I also Love a minimal space with some fun lighting. I also wanna get a few colored lights or signs. Will let you know what I find if you're interested :).  Below are some photos and items I am loving. Everything is linked below from Wayfair, Target,Urban, or Nordstrom. The glow affect is very Ari and I'm loving it. Will probably have a purple one of somesort in my new place when I move :). Purple Neon Back Lit Mirror Mirror Lights  Seating White Desk  Plants are my new favorite way to accessorize. They are good for your health and I love how they look in a home. Succulents are a personal favorite and I have a huge one blooming now. It's s

Light and Airy Boho Apartment

Find me on instagram @carleybe More of a younger bohmeian feel, but i am loving the bright and airy feels. links for products below. Either LTK or SYL. DM my insta for questions :)

Wayfair- Floating Shelves 

Wayfair- Bedspread 

Wayfair- Bedroom Plants

Wayfair- Throw Pillow


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